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Fundamental of Career Management

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 Career Counselor in Kolkata
 Career Adviser in Kolkata
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It is very important to distinguish between what you are good at (skill, proficiency, and competence) and what you like (values) and what you want to do in like (interests)

Exam, Psychometric, IQ, Aptitude tests etc. will tell you what you are good at.

Your values will tell you what you like Orientation in Life:

If you want to enjoy harmony in work-life balance, your choice of career should revolve around your orientation in life, which comprises for factors:

  1. Personality: your individual traits, motivational drives, temperament, physical attributes, attitudes
  2. Interests: what you enjoy doing, like gardening, reading books, roaming and hanging with friends, enjoying movies
  3. Values: things that are important to you like status, freedom, money, achievement, honesty
  4. Skill: activities you are good at proficiency, expertise, talent, competence, acumen

Discovering Value Sense:

 Why are you doing BBA or MBA?
  • For qualification
Why you want to gain Qualifications?
  • To get success in your Career

Why you want to succeed in your career?

  • To reach top

How Career Planning Helps Students:

  • Unlimited Options what do I choose?

How much time? How much Money?

  • With college and universities offering numerous courses today for a student, it is truly confusing making a choice
  •  For student choosing a career path that is far from ones’ interest and ability can cause dissatisfaction in the long run
  • Hence it is essential to plan ones career from a long term

How does Career Planning Happen today?

Most often students choose career based on other’s preferences; like

–        Following the Crowd (Peers)

–        Accepting choices made by parents or guardians

–        Influence by media

–        Following the current trends or availing the most sort after career opportunities.

Career Focus Finder:

–        Today most parents and students believe that post school the best career options available to choose from are Medicine, Engineering, CA etc

–        However not every student is cut out to be a doctor or an engineer, hence we at YourEduGuide™ assist in helping student to choose an appropriate career in line with his/her interests.

Career Focus

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